Weekly Meal Plan – Week of March 11

After a wonderfully clean vegetarian week, we’re back on a more inclusive diet, but still mostly Mediterranean, with focus on beans, whole grains, vegetables and very little red meat.

penne with roasted vegetables and marinara sauce

Penne with roasted vegetables and marinara sauce- foolproof recipe from Giada DeLaurentiis- However, I use less oil and cheese

Monday: Leftover lentil and sweet potato pie from Sunday

Tuesday: Stuffed zucchini, Lebanese style with rice and ground beef (koussa mehsheh in Arabic) with yogurt

Wednesday: Vegetarian pinto beans stew (Fasolya hamra bi zeit in Arabic) with whole-wheat pita

Thursday: Spaghetti Bolognese

Friday:  Lunch out

Saturday: Orange- ginger salmon fillet with steamed broccoli. Finally, I’m trying a new salmon recipe :)

Sunday:Feta and sun-dried tomatoes stuffed chicken served with orzo

Dinner Salads:

Fattoush (you may have noticed that fattoush, tabbouleh and arugula salads are staples, I have them almost every week when I find their fresh ingredients)

Apple, walnut, and spinach salad with Roquefort and balsamic dressing

Chopped Arabic salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, and onions, purslane and parsley are optional) with lemon dressing

Mediterranean couscous salad (with feta, sun-dried tomatoes, mint..)

I am linking to Menu Plan Monday on I’m Organizing Junkie so you can also go check what other bloggers are cooking.

Hope you have a healthful week :)

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