Welcome to Health ‘n’ Horizons!

I am Christele Daccache, a certified nutritionist and yoga instructor. I have a huge appetite for food, everything health and fitness, and travel. I love to cook and try to “healthify” every recipe I come across.

As I am combining my love for health, food and yoga in my life, I started this blog to share the latest research and innovations in the nutrition field as well as recipes and tips to help you live a balanced life.

I hope you embark with me on my adventure!

For any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you.                                   Just drop me an e-mail at christele@healthnhorizons.com

27 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Christele,,,

    it is faboulous what you are doing,, i wish you all the best always,, and thanks for helping eating always good healthy food…. heik fiyehh ekoul 2add ma baddeh

  2. Christele it’s my first time here and i love your blog! Super informative! I suggest you go on twitter as well, it will help you gain more exposure and it’s fun! I’ll sure keep coming here habbeit!

  3. Hi Christele,

    Thank you for stopping by SimplyStudded.com. I see that you are all about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. That’s the best way to stay on this earth just a little longer. I am all for it! LOL ;-)

    Be Blessed,

    • Hi Hershey,

      I’m glad you’re all for a healthy lifestyle :) I try my best! I am enjoying going through your blog and previous posts. Thank you for your words and for visiting mine!

      Stay healthy :),

  4. Hi Christele,

    Let me first start by saying that I never leave comments on websites but you have earned it. Your blog is simply amazing! I’ve been a vegetarian for years and I haven’t been able to do it right. I stumbled on your website and man am I happy I did (I just forwarded your ‘Grains for health’ to my mother and sister too lol).

    I particularly love your way of summarizing simple key facts with the pictures and the arabic name. I live in Dubai and sometimes it is hard to ask for something with just the english name in hand!!

    Please keep it up and never stop blogging (for my health’s sake lol).


  5. waw great blog! I can’t stop reading your posts!
    thank you for sharing all these useful infos (oh we DO need to “healthify” our life and our kids’s)!

    • Thank you so much Jinan :) enjoyed going through your blog as well! It’s strange how having kids changes your whole perception. I’ve always been the healthy type but once my daughter was born it’s a totally different level haha welcome to the blog :))

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