Chickpea and millet patties

I’ve shared before that one of my favorite recipes come up when I have limited ingredients on hand and need to go grocery shopping. These patties are no exception. I wanted a quick lunch and didn’t want to order takeout.    I checked my freezer, I had cooked chickpeas. I looked into my fridge and […]
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Vegan sugar-free hot chocolate

Wen we first moved to Paris, I often found myself lost in the cookbook/nutrition section of the library. I stared and leafed through French books wondering if I have some space left for one or two. You know, Parisian apartments aren’t the spaciest, and I had already filled my shelves and cabinets. However, I had […]
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Christmas gift ideas for your foodie friends

Have you chosen your Christmas gifts yet? How about gifts for your foodie friends and family? If you still don’t know what to get them, here are a few ideas. Cookbooks: If your friends are interested in Middle Eastern and Lebanese cuisine, here are a few cookbook suggestions for you. The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany […]
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Coca-Cola Sponsored Health Round Table at Phoenicia Beirut

Following my latest post, #ShareDiabetesSawa, which demystified soft drinks ingredients and tackled the strong marketing Coca-Cola campaign that has now reached Lebanon, I got invited by Memac Ogilvy, the marketing and communications agency behind Coca Cola Middle East, to attend a private round table with health experts from the States, France and Lebanon followed by […]
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Finally, Coca Cola’s campaign #ShareACokeSawa * is in Lebanon!! Yayy! After making the rounds internationally, it’s here to bring us, Lebanese, together over diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and metabolic syndrome! Photo credit: Can you sense how excited I am? No? Well, you my friends know me too well. After all, you’ve seen my Sunday […]
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