The weekend in pictures ( 17-18 May 2014)

Since we’ve had family over the past few weeks, we’ve been visiting all the touristic sites in and around Paris. Some of which I’ve already seen before, however; it was a totally different experience. For one, I have a kid which changes the pace of things a bit (more breaks, less stair climbing, more buses, less subway taking…) Second, I live here now, so I’m soaking in things more like a resident than a tourist who wants to see all she can in a short period of time. That’s why, today, I bring you an all-local weekend in Paris :)

It started Saturday morning at the market. It’s not the all- organic farmers market at les Batignolles that I love to go to, but a regular marche that’s a few minutes walk away from home. It was loud and busy but we bought all the fruits and vegetables that I don’t mind buying conventional for half the price from a regular grocery store.





Don’t worry, didn’t get any of the meats, was just talking to the guy and he posed for a picture :). He’s got some delicious looking homemade pasta and raviolis, though. I guess I’ll give them a try a next time.

After a few hours at the market and a stroll in the neighborhood, it was lunch time at home. A store-bought rotisserie chicken came to the rescue with homemade garlic paste ( toum), hummus, and a quick purslane and tomato salad with Lebanese “pita” bread.


After a quick nap, it was time to get moving again. Did I mention that it was beautiful outside with summery weather that is so rare around here? We absolutely had to take advantage of every ray of sun.
Next stop was a Klin d’oeil exhibition for young( new) artistic creators. It was a small exhibition with several workshops ( painting, dazzling up your bag/shoes, making a noeud….) which we missed, but I loved the products showcased, from jewelry to bags, to kids stuff, home decor and food… And of course, I had to try two snacks.

The first was homemade new purple and white spicy potato chips from La Cabane Jaune. The second was a scoop of ice cream from La Tropicale.

The tarts and wraps from la Cabane Jaune looked exquisite and so fresh but too bad I had lunch already.


The La Tropicale had so many exotic ice cream flavor combos and I don’t know why I chose the Rose de Szechuan. I wanted to taste the yuzu espelette, but probably after a few spicy chips, the rose seemed more cooling :)

And guess what came after a few tastes of ice cream? Yes, a couple of chips. “Hello, I’m Christele and I’m your salty tooth:)).”


After Klin D’oeil, we bumped into a “brocante” or flea market just around the street. This is my second brocante visit in Paris after the all-famous Marché aux Puces in St. Ouen. Extended over several streets, you’re bound to find something to buy. We didn’t linger long enough though. With a kid wanting to touch every little antique spoon, and a “bigger kid” following impatiently behind, we hurried to find our way to Musee D’Orsay.



La nuit des musees was up next with a visit to musee d’Orsay. La nuit des musees happens one night a year where several museums across Europe open their doors at night for free. Musee d’Orsay is home to paintings from impressionist artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Degas.. It is huge, but after a fully active day and a kid who needs to be in bed and is bound to start getting restless in her stroller, we decided to head to Van Gogh’s section. Photos were not allowed but the exhibition Van Gogh/ Artaud Man suicided by society is a must see if you’re in Paris. I know nothing about art but when you get goosebumps, you know you’re standing before greatness.

Waiting in line

The Earth and the different races sculpture inside the museum.

Sunday was the last day of La fete du Pain ( Bread Festival), so we headed over to Notre Dame where the exhibition was being held. You can’t live in France if you can’t handle the baguettes :)







Pizzas from the festival for lunch alongside the beautiful flowers at Notre Dame.



After the bread festival, it was time to head over to the Spring festival at Canal St. Martin. I haven’t visited the canal area before, however, it has become one of my favorite places in Paris yet. You cannot but fall under its spell with its charming little shops boutique shops and its romantic atmosphere.

An afternoon very well spent at the park and with environmental activists :)





How about you? How are you spending your longer warmer summery days and nights??

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