You’ll never eat kiwis the same way again

A breakfast buffet was the norm when we were still living in the hotel two months ago. It is where my girl discovered her love for eggs, kiwis, butter, pineapple, and mangoes. See how I included butter in between the fruits? Very subtle of me, right? But yeah, that girl would lick the butter off the bread as if it were going out of style, much to the amazement of the lovely staff who, by then, knew the words for egg (bayda) and butter (zebdeh) in Arabic by heart.

After the egg and butter show, it was time to balance things out with some fruit. Her favorite newly discovered fruit was the kiwi. I would grab one or two from the fruit bowl, try to cut them with the provided (useless) knife, fail, ask for a “couteau qui coupe“, wait for the couteau and then make a mess as I peeled and sliced.

Until one morning that is. That morning, I looked up from all the kiwi mess and fuzz in my plate and saw two gentlemen, probably European, eating their kiwis in the most elegant, mess-free way. I literally opened my mouth and nearly slammed my forehead with the back of my hand. Why didn’t I think of that? Why hadn’t anyone taught me how to eat a kiwi like that? Okay, maybe some of you already eat it this way, but it has totally made my life easier.


Instead of peeling the fruit then slicing it, all you do is cut it in half and scoop all the flesh out with a spoon. Just like you would eat an avocado minus the pit. If I’m not using it in a salad or smoothie, that’s the way I eat avocados. And since my kiwi Aha! moment, that’s how I eat kiwis now. My girl even compares the emptied kiwis to bells, and every time we finish one up, she goes “ding ding”! Gotta love their imagination :))

Nutritionally speaking, you can’t beat a kiwi. A medium kiwi has around 50-60 calories, is extremely rich in vitamin C, is rich in fiber which gives it a slightly laxative effect, is low in sugar and is a good source of calcium and potassium. Some varieties have a smooth skin that is edible. Some people even eat the skin of the fuzzier varieties. They just wash and rub a little bit to remove the fuzz. I haven’t tried eating the skin yet; for now I’m happy with the scooping!

What about you? Do you have any special way of eating a vegetable or fruit that completely changed your life? Do you already eat kiwis like that? Please don’t tell me I live under a rock ;))


4 thoughts on “You’ll never eat kiwis the same way again

  1. Congratulations my friend. Im so happy to see what you have done. Wish u the best of luck. May God protect your family and little princess

    • See? So much easier, but it also depends on the variety of the kiwis I guess. There’s one variety here that has a tough middle so there’s no way you can get through the flesh with a spoon only.

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