Things I learned from blogging daily

With national blog posting month coming to an end, I thought I’d share a few of the things that daily blogging has taught me.

what i learned from blogging daily


Discipline: The moment I took the challenge, the “I don’t have enough time” phrase I had used so many times before to put off blogging lost its meaning. I wanted to blog daily so I made sure I found time. So even with the packing, goodbyes, moving, and family time, I still found time to blog. True, I made a few sacrifices, but I succeeded with the challenge.

Being more creative: I started finding inspiration in the smallest details and actually being more curious and actively seeking ideas to blog about.

Embracing imperfection: I used to give a lot of thought to all the posts I write. Not that they were perfect. Far from it. But I reread and edited, then waited a day and read and edited all over again. I was always worried about what people would think and if they would like my posts or not. Not that I don’t worry anymore, but I’m more comfortable now showing my imperfect writings.

Being comfortable expanding my scope of writing : I usually always blog about food and nutrition. With the birth of my girl, I found the scope of the blog to be expanding a bit. With NaBloPoMo and because there are only that many health topics you can write about daily, I got even more comfortable talking about my personal life and unrelated subjects that I find interesting.

Focus : When you have to write daily, you cannot afford to procrastinate. I have an undiagnosed case of adult attention deficit disorder (ADD). There, I’ve confessed. Blogging has made me realize that, and daily blogging is actually helping me “cure” it. In order to publish daily, I have to focus on my writing while eliminating all distractions (e-mail, twitter, Facebook,…) to get a decent post out on time. It is hard, but with daily practice I am getting better.

Learning to read a post out loud to Evernote: Did you know that you can “write” an entire post (or anything) by talking it out loud to Evernote  on your iPhone and then edit it later? I tried that when I needed a hands-free option to jot down ideas. The actual editing took a bit of time later but it is much better than forgetting your thoughts.


Not that daily blogging doesn’t come with its own side effects;


Two downsides to daily blogging: 

You can forget pretty much about your life (unless blogging is actually your job): My priorities for this month were my kid and my blogging. I managed to neglect pretty much everything else. 

You have no time to properly promote all your posts: Blogging isn’t just about writing and delivering good content. It’s about marketing and sharing that content in every way possible. When you’re writing daily, you’re already overwhelming your subscribers. Then you realize you’ve only shared  a certain post once when you’re already finishing up the next and you have to share that too. So I felt not all posts got the exposure they deserved on social media platforms.


So there it is. I know for sure that I won’t be blogging every day, but I hope the things I’ve learned during this month will help me establish a better routine.


What about you? Would you blog daily? Why or why not? and do you prefer reading blogs that offer daily content or not?

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