And the winner is…

Good morning friends!

So the #healthiermechallenge is over! How was it? Tried something new? Discovered new tastes? I have and I will actually share a few recipes in the coming days. You know I’ve been blogging daily as part of National Blog Posting Month and I still need a couple of blog ideas to keep me covered till the end of the month . So, I’m sorry if I’m flooding your inbox daily but it’ll be over before you know it. I promise.

I had planned on celebrating the end of the challenge and my birthday with a cake recipe, and I actually baked a chocolate one, but I won’t be sharing it today.

my girl

Today, it’s all about my girl. Today, it’s all about giving her my undivided attention. So I won’t be stealing a few hugs from her while I comment on a blog, nor will I prepare her meal while I reply to a tweet.

Today, I’m celebrating my thirtieth with the sweetest 17-month old who has brought so much joy to my life. Today, I’m taking advantage of all her of her unconditional hugs and kisses.

Today, we’re going to the zoo, we’re going to have lunch at the park (if it doesn’t rain all over our heads as is usually the case on each and every one of my birthdays), we’re going to visit some family and we’re going to enjoy a piece of that homemade chocolate cake.

I know it’ll be one day to remember. I just wish my husband could have made it on time to spend it with us. But we’ll make up for it later, for sure.

For now, I wish you all a beautiful day. I am grateful for every one of you for being part of my life in one way or another.

Now it seems like I have forgotten to announce the winner, no, I’m just saving the best news for last!!!

The winner is Ruba A.! Congrats Ruba! You just won a $50 –Amazon gift card. Thank you for taking part of the challenge.

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