Day 5: Fruit it up #healthiermechallenge

I must say that yesterday’s task was definitely a fun and tasty one. The beetroot smoothie will become now a breakfast staple for those busy smoothie-like kind of days, and the cassava turned out into delicious savory baked chips.

baked cassava chips

cassava fruit cut into chips

But today’s post is slightly trickier . When vegetables were always touted as “eat all you can” kind of foods, that wasn’t always the case with fruits. Instead, fruits were demonized. In fact, in some fad diets, their consumption is restricted or very limited. And it’s all because of fructose. Well, there is a difference between naturally-occurring fructose (in fruits) and that found in high-fructose corn syrups (in processed commercial goods). For this, I invite you (no, I urge you) to read Dr. David Katz’ article “Fructose, Fruit, and Frittering” because I can never explain it or write it as eloquently as he does.

Though I couldn’t help but quoting him on the “glycemic index eating”:

“My reaction was, and remains: You find me the person who can legitimately blame their obesity or diabetes on apples or carrots, and I will give up my day job and become a hula dancer!”

See, fruits are not the enemy. You have to account for them in your diet or maybe be careful not to go overboard.  But by all means have a couple of servings (or 3) a day. If you have special dietary restrictions, talk to your doctor or dietitian about how and when to incorporate them best . But please do not stop having them.

And as always, the recommendations go for whole fruits as opposed to fruit juices. Consuming the fruit ensures you get the fiber as well as all the nutrients that are somehow lost when you drink the juice. Not to mention that there is actually little fruit in those commercial juices. If you look at a fruit juice label, you will probably see different kinds of sugar that will most likely send your blood sugar into overdrive.

And whenever, you’re having a smoothie, add more vegetables than fruit and mix in a source of protein and some nuts. That way, you’ll feel fuller longer, and the sugar will be slowly released in your bloodstream (as opposed to a high spike of glucose that accompanies drinking a smoothie with four or five fruit servings).

So what fruit have you chosen for today?

cancer fighting fruits and veggies


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