Day 4: It’s all about the veggies #healthiermechallenge

We’re at day four of the #healthiermechallenge! How’s it going so far? Are you missing the sugar, the candy or the sodas? No? Great. Neither am I.

Today, it’s all about the veggies. We’re trying something new, either a new vegetable or a new way of eating that vegetable.

I tried yesterday for the first time organic beets in a smoothie. It was so good that my daughter finished up half my glass and my mum asked me to prepare her one while she watched and learned ( gotta love her for that!). And the pink lips, that’s one beautiful side effect!

my toddler and the beetroot smoothie

I’ll be also trying later today cassava. I have never tried this root vegetable native to South America before. So, I’ll experiment and I’ll share the results with you on Facebook today and on the blog tomorrow.

What about you? Which vegetable have you chosen?

To make it easier for you when grocery shopping later, I’ve combined here the Dirty Dozen/ Clean Fifteen in one list, and compiled in another list  fruits and vegetables that are protective against cancer.

First up, the Dirty Dozen+ and the Clean Fifteen lists as per the Environmental Working Group. The plus sign (+) after Dirty Dozen is because they added kale and summer squash to the list this year. This is the list of produce that I’ve come to know by heart. It is the list that I would mostly buy organic especially for my kid. However, if I find any item too expensive or unavailable, I choose some other conventional fruit or vegetable that has less pesticide residue or is from the Clean Fifteen to buy.

Whatever you choose, always wash your produce really well. You can scrub your fruits and veggies and then soak them in water with a bit of white vinegar for a few minutes like I do. And if you’re buying conventional and it can be peeled, peel it. The pesticides are more concentrated on the skin and directly underneath.

Hawaiian papaya is most likely to be genetically modified, so are some of the zucchini and sweet corn and since GMOs are not labeled*, I would buy these organic as well.

dirty dozen clean fifteen1

And here’s the list of cancer-fighting fruits and veggies (will post another one for cancer-fighting herbs and spices on Tuesday). Each fruit or vegetable has its particular antioxidant /anti-inflammatory/phytochemical combination that makes it powerful, beneficial and protective. One piece of advice: enjoy as many fruits and vegetables from this list as possible. Eat them raw, baked, steamed, roasted, grilled. Whatever tickles your taste buds, do it!

cancer fighting fruits and veggies

* many countries including European Union and Saudi Arabia label imported GMOs and have put a ban on growing them. The lack of labeling I’m talking about is in the States and Lebanon.

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