Diabetes Awareness Month

November is diabetes awareness month. The health ministry in Lebanon is taking part by providing free testing in all healthcare centers around the country. The campaign runs until this Wednesday.


Free Diabetes test campaign

However, you can also get tested in number of pharmacies, also for free. No purchase is required at the pharmacy. Just ask for the test. It will take a minute and you can go any time of day. They will take into account whether you were fasting or have eaten anything.

Diabetes is not a matter to be taken lightly. Its occurrence is on the rise among different age groups especially among kids.

I’m going tomorrow to get tested and to know my number (blood glucose numbers that is), and will update this post accordingly.

Do you know your number?


Update on 18-Nov-2013: I got tested at the nearby pharmacy. It was around 9 pm and I had eaten dinner around 7 pm. My blood glucose level was 86 mg/dl . This is within the normal range of (70-100mg/dl) which is usually used as reference when checking fasting blood glucose. It only took me a second. Go do it. The campaign runs till the end of the month.

my blood glucose test results

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