Man’ousheh pockets

Now that you’ve prepared the best Zaatar you’ll ever eat, you can use it to make these man’ousheh pockets. This is your same old man’ousheh but made in a way that can be easy for kids to handle and eat without making a mess.

They are also perfect to pack and freeze.

This is my mother-in-law’s idea. With 5 grand-kids, she’s always coming up with recipes that the kids can easily eat. She also loves getting them to help in the kitchen. So on any given weekend, you’ll see her baking a cake while a kid stirs or you’ll catch her making dough while another kid kneads (plays with dough).

This is not a recipe per say. What I’m sharing  today is a technique that you can use with any dough and any kind of filling. I’ve used it with zaatar and cheese. My mother-in-law has used with a meat/onion (sambousek) filling, and I’m sure it can be used with a pizza filling.

Step 1: Make a small ball out of the dough

man'ousheh pockets

Step 2: Flatten it out in an oval shape with your hand or rolling pin. Since the “diameter” is small, I find I do not need a rolling pin.

Step 3: Add your filling in the center. Don’t go overboard as it won’t close properly if you do.

man'ousheh pockets

Step 4: Start pinching both sides of the dough with your fingertips and close it over the filling.

man'ousheh pockets

Step 5: Close the dough together. if you have excess dough, you can pinch it off and remove it.

man'ousheh pockets

man'ousheh pockets

Step 6: Preheat oven at 350F/180C. Place your pockets on a lightly greased tray.

man'ousheh pockets

Step 7: Bake for around 12-15 minutes until they’re done.

man'ousheh pockets

Step 8: Enjoy immediately or at room temperature. You can also freeze in Ziploc bags, thaw and reheat as needed.

man'ousheh pockets

As you can notice from these pictures, I’ve made a batch with wholemeal flour, another with half whole-wheat, half white flour, and a third with all white flour. Of course, the textures of each differ. But this comes to show you that this technique is versatile and you can use whatever you prefer.

man'ousheh pockets

And of course my posts wouldn’t be complete without this little hand trying to grab every single delicious thing I prepare!

toddler grabbing man'ousheh

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