Photoquai- A Photography Exhibition in Paris

(Disclaimer: I’m sorry if today’s post isn’t exactly health/food related, but in my book, anything that makes you smile and appreciate the world around you, is good for your health). So here goes!

Just imagine yourself in Paris. You have just visited the Eiffel Tower, and you’re walking aimlessly. You bump into a photography exhibition that transports you into the lives of people you have never met and most probably will never meet. It transports you to the privacy of their homes, the vulnerability of their emotions, and the diversity of their culture.

C’est le Photoquai de Branly.

Photographer Shinya Arimoto and two pictures form the streets of Tokyo.

Photoquai 2013- Tokyo

Photoquai 2013- Tokyo

Iraki photographer Tamara Abdul Hadi and her “Picture an Arab Man”

Photoquai 2013- Picyure A man

Rony Zakaria’s “Man, Mountains and the Sea”

Photoquai 2013- Man,Mountains, and Sea

Alejandro Cartagena and Mexico’s “Car Poolers”

Photoquai 2013- Car Poolers

Gustavo Lacerda from Brazil and “Albinos”

Photoquai 2013- Albinos

The following two are by Saudi-born photographer Wasma Mansour. She portrays single Saudi women in their daily life and the Abaya in the bag they leave at the door.

Very powerful message: “A package, of a package, of a package.” Check her website to see her interpretation.

Photoquai 2013- Package of a package of a package

Photoquai 2013- Package of a package of a package

No, these are not two Thai men holding a colorful backdrop just for me!

Photographer Dow Wasiksiri left this backdrop blank so that visitors of Photoquai can pose and have their pictures taken.

Photoquai 2013- Me

Please go visit the exhibition’s website and check all the amazing photographers and their portraits and get carried away. (These are all taken through my iPhone)

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