We’re moving to…..

This daily blogging (NaBloPoMo) challenge is really stretching out my ideas. In a very good way, I might say. I guess I’ll have to write about all the things daily blogging has taught me by the end of the month. For now allow me to share some super exciting news with you. I’m not dedicating an entire post to that because of lack of ideas to write about. It’s awesome, life-changing news and I think it deserves a post on its own!

I shared the other day that we were back in Lebanon. And, no, we’re not moving back here.

The exciting news involves a huge work promotion for my husband, and I couldn’t be more proud.

He has been recently assigned to lead one of his company’s busiest branches in Europe and as a consequence we’re moving to…….

paris must see top tourist attractions detailed sightseeting maps

Paris!! Yes, Paris! Now, please excuse me while I do the happy dance!! 


So after spending three years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, it was time to say goodbye to our first home. Time to say goodbye to the yearlong hot weather. Time to say goodbye to our friends and a lot of good memories.

An adventure awaits and I know for sure that many changes will happen to this blog after the move. I foresee French clinical nutrition textbooks in my future, as I have to get my dietitian degree assessed. I also foresee lots of traveling within France, and lots of adapting to the colder weather, to the culture and the European lifestyle.

But these are all changes I’m looking forward to and I hope you’ll follow along.

{And P.S. honey, if you’re reading this, I love you!}

Question: I know I have very few readers from France because of the language of my blog, but if by any chance you bumped into this post and have lived in Paris before or are still living there, what tips would you give to a moving family with a kid?

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