Munchkin Meals–16 months

It’s this time of month where I share my baby’s meals for another Munchkin Meals linkup at A Healthy Slice of Life.

The meals this month, except for a taste of escargots and canard in Paris (yes that’s right!, you can check them out in our Eating Paris post) , were pretty much the usual.  She also had pomegranates for the first time and she loved them with breakfast or as a snack.

Here’s what we’ve been having for breakfast;

Yogurt, oats, pomegranates, walnuts

november 2013 003

Dipping bread in labneh and olive oil. That’s not entirely hers, she just shared it with her grandpa.

October 2013 065


Oatmeal with raisins, chia seeds and dried cranberries

October 2013 086

banana-yogurt-oat “pancakes”; a recipe I came up with from leftover pantry/fridge items that I shared over on Facebook. It was a hit with the whole family. You can check the recipe on this link–> ( Post by Health ‘n’ Horizons)

October 2013 265

and lunch;

a half-portion of Italian restaurant seafood risotto. Check out my thoughts about it on this post on kids’ meals.

November 2013 005

Pizza with oven-baked rosemary zucchini and sweet potato fries

November 2013 028

“loubyeh bi zeit”; Lebanese green beans in tomato sauce

October 2013 203

half a salmon fillet (75 grams) marinated in lemon, olive oil and rosemary then grilled and served with bulgur and green beans

October 2013 311

Freekeh with roasted eggplants and onions, pomegranates and pine nuts. I didn’t think of taking a picture of her  portion as we were having a quick family lunch but she loved it (without the pine nuts).

October 2013 276

And the afternoon snacks;

avocado slices with a piece of the breakfast “pancake”

October 2013 288

Greek yogurt and pomegranates

October 2013 314

So here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been eating around here, what have your kiddos been munching on?

4 thoughts on “Munchkin Meals–16 months

  1. To see a child eating such beautiful and delicious food makes me smile! I’m so proud of my 3-year-old’s palette and nonchalant attitude towards junk food. Hooray for you, healthy momma!

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