The case of the miniature containers

When I was shopping for kitchenware when we were moving to our apartment three years ago, I got a set of food containers from Ikea that were so small my husband questioned if we’ll ever need them. There were two, one square and one rectangular, particularly peculiar. I had no baby at the time, but they looked even small to hold a mini-portion of baby food.

However, I can’t tell you how many leftovers found their place in them.


And why is that important?

This quantity of leftovers

1. either gets tossed because let’s face it, it’s utterly ridiculous and a total waste of fridge space to store a tiny amount of food in a large container.

2. or eaten

If it gets tossed I’ll be wasting food that can be re-purposed into other dishes or added as a side to my next meal. And I don’t want that to happen.

However, if I choose to eat it I’d be committing two dieting/lifestyle mistakes. The first would be enforcing the habit of mindless eating and ignoring my satiety cues. The second would be piling up on unnecessary calories that can eventually lead to weight gain. And I don’t want that to happen either.


So I’ve been storing the smallest quantity of any leftovers into these containers, and I’ve enjoyed several solo dinners by combining them. I’ve had a decent meal from a couple of tablespoons of tabbouleh, a couple of baked potato wedges, orzo and a few pieces of meat kabobs. I’ve also used them in other dishes: baked veggies have been added to vegetable soup, broccoli and black beans have been mixed into a frittata, and a fruit salad has been added to my morning oats…

So if you don’t have tiny containers and you’ve found yourself facing this dilemma before, go buy some. They cost next to nothing and they come in handy!

4 thoughts on “The case of the miniature containers

  1. I have the same ones & they really do come in handy love them! Also love the face lift of the blog kiks! and the logo :) it is so you. celine did an excellent job :D
    I miss you my friend! And I am enjoying reading the everyday posts. We are gona make this NaBloPoMo happen!

    • Miss you more Nouwie and thank you, I’m still testing the theme out and trying to fix some more things but I’m liking it so far :) This NaBloPoMo thing is super challenging but what I’m learning from it is that even if I barely have time to think, I can still come up with simple ideas to write about. And it’s teaching me to focus on the post and not multitask and procrastinate because I think I still have time hehe ;)

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