Green Living: How to make your kitchen smell fresh

Other than choosing nutritious and real ingredients for me to cook with  in my kitchen, I’m as well interested and keen on trying to avoid all harsh cleaning chemicals and products. I know lemon, sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar and essential oils can be used in countless ways around the house. But apart from using white vinegar to wash my fruits and veggies and to clean up the boiling pot, I’m  still not successful.
So when I saw this book series in France, I had to buy it to seriously start on my green living journey.


I’ll be testing their tips when occasions arise and will be sharing whatever works. Who’s with me?

On to the first tip!

I’ve tested this one twice already and both were successful. And it’s easy as 1.2.3!

green living lemon tip

To get rid of kitchen odors such as the ones that linger around after cooking with fish;

1. Cut up a few slices of lemon

2. Boil them in a pot of water

3. Keep them simmering on the stovetop for several minutes until the odors have disappeared.

Pay attention to the water level. If you need to, you can add some more.

Have you tried this one before? What other tips you have to get rid of unwanted odors without resorting to sprays?

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