A kid’s meal like no other

If an Italian restaurant in Jeddah can serve a half-portion order, then any restaurant in the world can and should.

Why I’m saying this? Well, you know my case against kids’ menus and food. Like many others, I believe that kids should eat whatever adults are eating while, of course, taking into consideration salt and sugar content and portion size. That has been the case with my child. Rarely have I found the need to cook her a separate meal (with the exception of the first few weeks of purees). So, luckily for us, at 16 months, she’s an amazing eater. I do not have to worry when we are visiting family or going to a restaurant. Whatever she’s offered, she’ll most likely eat and then follow it with a “mmmm” as a sign of appreciation and enjoyment.

I’ve talked plenty in the previous posts about the kids’ meals in France. But whenever there wasn’t any available, we would share a portion of our dish with her, or order her something from the regular menu and then share it with her.

Now that we’re back in Jeddah, we went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants here. When the waiter knew that the seafood risotto we ordered was for my kid, he suggested a half-portion with less spices and salt. I nearly jumped for joy!

And if you’re wondering, she loved the risotto and all the seafood in it: shrimp, calamari and octopus. She ate it all minus two tablespoons!

seafood risotto- half portion

So how about this; next time you’re at a restaurant, why don’t you ask the waiter about a half-portion dish for your kid? and tell them to go easy on the salt?

As Dr. david Katz very well put it, kids are people too and should eat what people are eating. You don’t see a baby whale eating sugar-frosted cereal till they’re adult enough to feed on shrimp, now do you?

You’ll be surprised what your kid will eat if they were offered food prepared deliciously. After all, you won’t eat bland, water-soaked veggies, so why should your child?

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