Eating Paris

Two weeks in France? Well yeah, between Paris and its suburbs, it wasn’t only fun and precious family time. It was also delicious. I even introduced my girl to some new tastes that I wouldn’t have had we been back home. But there’s something about France that makes baguettes et beurre, escargots et canard seem like the most natural everyday food choices.

One of the most noticeable food memories there is that people take their time with their meals. Sure, you will find the man in a suit rushing with a sandwich in hand, but most often business will continue over a slow lunch or dinner. And if you’re wondering how come they’re healthy and slim with all the tempting eats, I have found two answers. First, they ENJOY their food (fat, wine and all) but with very well-balanced portions. There are no supersized extra-large portions of anything. Second, they engage in random daily PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (they walk or bike nearly everywhere).

And for the couple of weeks there, we ate and walked the French way!!

Starting off with croissants. Here’s baby girl having her first taste. Even though she seems super anxious to start eating, she didn’t like croissants. But let me tell you this, even if you’re on a gluten-free diet or a low-fat diet, you can’t visit Paris without nibbling on a croissant. Skip the hotel’s however. Walk to the nearest  bakery, ask for a croissant pur beurre, enjoy it and thank me!


Caesar salad with duck breast strips.. so good

Caesar salad with duck breast

Beef carpaccio

Beef carpaccio

Filling salad: crispy bacon, cheese-filled phylo dough with green, walnuts and red onions


salmon with blinis: not exactly French and I should have known better not to order it. Not the best dish I’ve had (the dill was overpowering)

salmon with blinis

Escargots with garlic and coriander: my husband’s almost regular order. I’ve tasted escargots on my previous trip to Paris. I didn’t feel like it this time around. However, my girl had a taste and she loved them.


Filet de boeuf with potato gratin and white pepper sauce. Be warned though if you’re not a big white pepper fan like me; either bring your black pepper with you or make peace with the white variety. It’s everywhere! Oh but this dish was so good, oh so filling, oh can’t have dinner afterwards Smile

filet de boeuf with potato gratin

Choux farcis: stuffed cabbage leaves with tomato sauce

choux farcis

Scallops with rice and white sauce

scallops and rice

Mignon de porc with grapefruit and mashed potatoes

mignon de porc with grapefruit and mashed potato

This salmon a la plancha with courgettes and pesto sauce was so melt-in-your mouth goodness that I ordered it from the hotel’s brasserie three times during the last week.

salmon a la plancha

Hubby’s lunch one day: souris d’agneau (lamb) with veggies. Had a taste, the meat just falls off the bone.

souris d'agneau

Dessert was a special occasional treat. Even on vacations, you can’t just splurge on the sweets. I shared it with my husband or had it with an entrée or salad without the main course.

Cheesecake with caramel sauce—the best

cheesecake with caramel sauce

Chocolate Nougatine Tart with vanilla ice-cream

chocolate nougatine tart

Profiterole with vanilla ice cream and Godiva chocolate sauce

profiterole with a chocolate Godiva sauce

Raspberry Macaron with lychees…..YUM!


Flambeeing the creme brulee

creme brulee



Finishing up with a picture of the Eiffel tower taken three years ago during our honeymoon. The September sky was just awesome. This time around, the October weather was slightly gloomy, but oh Paris, I love you any time of year!

Eiffel Tower

What’s the most memorable place you’ve been to? Any special food/culture observations? Would love to hear!

6 thoughts on “Eating Paris

  1. I drooled a little over all these pictures – I had a similar experience a few weeks ago in Rome and noticed the same things. Also, they have none of that fast food we are so familiar with. Then again, y have a tasteless burger when u have all of these? YUM!

    • Exactly Tala, I guess it’s a European thing, tasty small portions with green spaces to walk around. And I’ve had the burger in Paris… Tasteless and dry… So yeah who wants that when you can have all the delicious local cuisine? I especially was happy with the kid’s meals as there were no nuggets in sight ;))

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