Munchkin Meals–15 months

Hello from Paris! If you’re on any of my social media sites, you’ve already been seeing bits and pieces of our eats and updates from France! If not, what are you waiting for? Stalk me! But first, stick around for a quick munchkin meals special between Beirut and Paris.

So breakfast in Lebanon was pretty much the usual. That girl loves her cinnamon oatmeal! Occasionally, she’ll have a small piece of Zaatar or cheese man’ousheh or cheese sandwich.

september 2013 009

Wasa and white cheese

In France, I’ve offered her the first taste of croissant. She had a few bites but didn’t finish it up. She preferred scrambled eggs, rosemary potatoes with some cucumbers and tomatoes. She would also have yogurt and fruits from my bowl. This was a sample of the hotel breakfast, but then I got us some muesli and organic soy milk to have on the days where the buffet breakfast seemed a bit too much. The Zaatar and cheese pockets were also very helpful on the days we were out early.

October 2013 1410

A few bites of croissant

October 2013 1591

Muesli and organic soy milk

She’s becoming more handy with the fork. I would see her holding a piece of bread in one hand, sticking a fork in it with the other and then eating it! As if bread is better tasted that way! But strangely enough, whenever my mum was babysitting her, she would allow her to spoon feed her all the way (my mum isn’t very much tolerant with messes like I am). However, if I’m trying to help her out with any bite ( in an effort to control the mess and decrease lunch time), she won’t allow me. She insists on feeding herself whether with a fork or her hands.

October 2013 1601

Sticking her fork in a piece of bread!

October 2013 960

Omelet made with leftover black beans and broccoli with cheddar cheese served alongside a tablespoon of labneh and tomatoes

October 2013 974

Mashed potatoes with roast beef, gravy and broccoli

september 2013 037

Mujaddara (lentil and rice pilaf), tomatoes and pita bread made with oat flour

september 2013 136

Oven-baked Spaghetti with bechamel sauce

September 2013 051

Fassolia bi zeit ( stewed red beans with tomato sauce) and whole wheat pita

September 2013 052

I formed little bites with the bread and the beans to make it easier for her to grab

September 2013 060

That face!

September 2013 103

Steamed broccoli and courgettes with boiled potatoes seasoned with oregano and a bit of olive oil

September 2013 008

The black bean quinoa burger patty cut into pieces with steamed broccoli and courgettes

september 2013 006

Wild zucchini stuffed with rice and meat mixture with lots of garlic and lemon (are3 in Arabic)

September 2013 094

And for dessert, 3 ingredient pudding: bananas, organic soy milk and unsweetened cocoa powder

October 2013 1351

Packing for the flight: unsweetened cake (will share the recipe later, but should have put in a container, too bad it got all mushy), date and almond cookies, whole wheat zaatar and cheese man’ousheh pockets, my lifesavers whenever hunger strikes, and sliced up carrots, wild cucumbers and apples. Of course we did not finish the whole thing. The leftovers were eaten on our walks the first few days in France.

In France, I’ve been trying the different kids’ menus in any restaurant that offers it. You’ll mostly see a steak hache (ground steak), chicken, burger, pasta, grilled ham, sausages … And your choice of fries, haricots verts, purée and dessert.
You’d expect the meat to be well-done for a kid’s meal, but if you don’t ask for it, that’s not what you’ll get. Instead, a medium rare ground steak will be served to you. Rare beef for my 15 month old! I think not!
There was quite a range of desserts as well, from compotes and yogurt to fruit pies, ice cream and chocolate cakes… My husband and I shared the desserts ;) For a kid’s meal they are awfully sweet…

October 2013 1435

Choosing from the menu in one of the cafes on the Champs Elysees

October 2013 1359

Amuse-bouche: courgettes tapenade with basil, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. She loved this in the hotel’s brasserie. Even though it’s pretty much garlicky, she would finish it all with a teaspoon. Note to self: recreate at home!

October 2013 1455

Penne with chicken and compote: She didn’t care for the chicken, she had the pasta only. Of course, didn’t offer the sugary store-brought “compote”. I thought it was homemade unsweetened when I ordered it.

October 2013 1466

In another restaurant, enjoying the steak hache (ground steak) with oven-baked potato and creme fraiche with chives. Her first taste and she loved it.

This has got to be the best kid’s meal ever!! Salmon with mashed potatoes and butter sauce. Yes, some will flinch at the sauce. My daughter didn’t like it anyway. But give me butter sauce over unidentified chicken nuggets and I’ll take it any day…


For the first time ever, I buy any precooked microwave meal. I had to and I’m doing it again on this trip. The hotel’s room kitchenette won’t allow me to prepare elaborate meals, and we’re also tired of restaurant meals. So, enter precooked lentils with carrots and polenta cakes with red beans and spinach. The lentils were good with a tomato salad followed by grapes. The polenta I have yet to try.

October 2013 1560October 2013 1561

You can’t imagine how much she loved the lentils! Even though it could use some seasoning, it was a change of pace from the restaurant meals we’ve been having. This kid needs her vegetarian dish!


Even though I missed the linkup deadline over at A Healthy Slice of Life, you can still go check what other moms have been feeding their little munchkins.

What have you been feeding your kids? Any recipes they especially enjoy? Would love to hear in the comments!

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