You know you’re onto something when you attract spammers!

I have so many half-written posts that I don’t know which to finish up first. But since the last post published introduced the GMO Free Lebanon initiative, I think it’s only appropriate to share the “feedback” I got when I talked about it on the Health ‘n’ Horizons page.

As you’ll see from the communication below, within two minutes from hitting post, a certain James Boswell was quick to defend GMOs and Monsanto  although I didn’t even mention the biotech company. I hadn’t heard of “James” before and I wasn’t sure “he” was even a fan of the page. The conversation continued until I provided him with links to evidence-based research where he stopped replying.

GMO Free LB Facebook spam attempt

GMO free Leb Facebook Spam attempt 2

GMO Free LEB Facebook spam attempt 3

I then did what I should have done in the first place and check his Facebook account. It was a picture of a buffed up guy (to show a healthy image perhaps?) who has joined Facebook in 2013 and has no friends and not one picture besides his profile. Apparently, it was a spam/fake account. I reported it to Facebook but allowed the account to contact me. After all, if they still have something to say, let them bring it on!

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