Sunday Roundup – May 12

It’s been a week that I’m in Lebanon and needless to say that I’m enjoying every bit. I got to catch up with my best friends especially some who I haven’t seen for a couple of years now. Moreover, I’m looking forward to many activities next week starting with the Fair Trade expo and brunch today, a two-day conference on non-communicable diseases (non-infectious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer…) at Notre Dame University and ending with Food Revolution Day on Friday May 17th.

Stay tuned for different posts on the activities but for now here’s the Sunday roundup!

Teens ate ‘too many calories’ at Subway and McDonald’s, study says

Subway may not be a healthier choice than McDonald’s. In this study, 87 teens/young adults ( age 13-21) were asked to choose from menus at Subway and McDonald’s and they ate the same amount of calories at either restaurant. So even if menus may have some healthier, lower calorie options, this is not what the clients are choosing. Even more, this is not what is being promoted by the restaurants themselves. According to the researchers, both restaurants may be contributing to the obesity epidemic as there is a positive relationship between eating fast food and weight gain.

Another study this week also showed that even though fast food restaurants (Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, KFC, ….) say they have improved the nutritional composition of their meals, no significant difference has been noticed over the past 14 years.

 Survey: Fast Food Makes Up 54% of Restaurant Sales in France

The French have always been envied for their health in general. They eat bread, butter and jam for breakfast, enjoy their meals with a glass or two of wine, have the best desserts and still manage to stay not just thin but healthy as well ( yes, someone may be thin but not healthy). But now it seems, their lunch breaks are getting shorter, and French restaurants and cafes are decreasing in number and leaving their place to American fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. So the number of French opting for a quick meal instead of their leisurely lunches is increasing dramatically. Only time will tell how this will affect the French population as a whole.

Instagramming Your Food May Signal Bigger Problem, Researcher Says

Taking photos of your daily meals may not be just a trend.  According to one researcher, it may signal dieting problems and can also be a sign of eating disorders.

In my humble opinion, it is the reason behind which you are photographing your food that matters . I’m a dietitian, I blog about my weekly meal plans and share recipes. I foodstagram sometimes to show how a recipe turned out. And at restaurants , I take pictures of meals that are worth replicating so I do not forget any ingredient or just to share what one can order in such a restaurant. I do not do it for every meal as I’m not a daily health blogger (plus sometimes my photo is not worthy of sharing, and sometimes my meal is redundant), but it helps giving a better idea of my regular eats. However, as the researcher notes, if someone just focuses on the food and forgets about all other aspects of the event (people having lunch with them etc.), they may have a bigger hidden problem.


Ways to promote a blog post

If you’re a blogger and on social media, you will love this post. I laughed all the way through it and kept thinking :”oh wait that’s me!” , “she’s definitely talking about me!” As it is becoming more obvious to me, most, if not all, bloggers are facing the same daily social media overload: what to write about, where to post, when to post, how to engage, and then hope in some way their content goes viral.. Even if you’re not a blogger, you might want to read this and have a better idea about what I do on my blogging days!

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

High-intensity circuit training is known to be an effective quick way of working all your muscles and boosting your metabolism. If you’re short on time, do this 7-minute workout. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 5 seconds and so on. If you have more time, repeat the whole circuit two or three times.

7 minute workout

Finishing up the roundup with this video about the latest Taste Lebanon Culinary journey around the country. If you are into culinary travels and would like to visit Lebanon for a taste of its authentic and delicious eats, you want to book this tour. They had a giveaway over a month ago where three lucky participants won an all-inclusive one week tour including flights. So keep an eye, maybe they’ll have something similar or even  better the next time around!

I’d love to know:

Do you like food travels? What is one country that you’d love to visit and learn about its culinary heritage?

Will you be participating in Food Revolution Day? What are your plans?

And do you instagram your meals? What do you think about it? Is it a sign of a bigger problem or just an innocent (maybe annoying) trend?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Roundup – May 12

  1. Thanks Christele for this informative roundup! It s sad to hear about how the french diet is being “amercanized”, just like the mediterranean diet is, unfortunately:( with blogs like yours, some public awareness and a little good will to return to home cooking, we may succeed in turning back this trend!

    • Yes it is sad and hopefully, like you said, with more home cooking and awareness, this trend can be reversed. Thank you so much for your kind words as always :) I am humbled.

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