How to store your greens and Weekly Meal Plan / Week of April 29

I saw on Pinterest the other day a pretty cool tip to keep your greens crisp in the fridge and make them last longer without wilting. I usually wash them, leave them to air dry, wrap them in a kitchen towel or thick absorbent paper towel and put them in Tupperwares. The towel will absorb moisture and extend their freshness. But this tip from FitSugar is worth a try (so it’s from 2007 but it just made its way to my Pinterest feed!). After washing and drying the greens and herbs, you put them in a plastic bag, close it lightly with your hand and blow inside it to fill it with air. Close and tie it very quickly. The carbon dioxide will prevent the greens from reacting with oxygen and wilting. I’m trying it this week to see which works best.

salad greens

The menu last week went according to plan and was delicious. The best thing is that none of the recipes took much time to prepare. However, the butternut squash brownies were a total flop! I gave them a try on Monday, and I don’t know what triggered me to add and substitute even more ingredients. The recipe was a winner the first time I tried it except it was a bit too sweet. But, no, I had to change everything. I was super excited that if it worked, this would be like a miracle recipe! But no miracles there! Just an inedible mess that after one bite found its way to the garbage can. I am keen on giving it another go this week though.

my eats with sushi

From top left: The orange marinated salmon which I grilled instead of bake and served with bulgur and steamed broccoli, a bite of that delicious salmon, we ordered in sushi instead of eating out on Friday, a bite of chicken pie, the green peas stew, and the zucchini fritters with tzatziki.

brownies collage

And yeah, I even had to pull out the heart-shaped muffin molds! The ones I never used! So, maybe that’s the problem! or was it me trying to put every fruit and vegetable in my fridge into that brownie!?!! mmm, I guess we’ll never know…. ( yes, we already do *sigh*)

I am going to Lebanon on Sunday for (an early) summer vacation, so this will be the last menu plan until I get back in July, unless I’ll be the one doing the cooking. However, I think my mum is going to spoil me Smile. I’ll still try some new recipes they haven’t tasted, there’s no doubt about that. I love spoiling them as well!

So here’s my menu plan for this week:

Monday: Sheikh al mehsheh or (the sheikh of stuffing : Lebanese eggplant casserole with meat and tomato sauce ). Again the meat mixture or ‘aliyyeh” to the rescue. I do not fry the eggplants,  I put them in the oven as they are in a Pyrex pan and bake. Meanwhile, I would do the tomato sauce with the aliyyeh. Once the eggplants are cooked, I slice open each eggplant and top it with the meat mixture. I add the rest of the sauce on top and return back to the oven until bubbly. We’ll have it with brown rice.

Tuesday: Black bean burger patties. The ones I prepared the other week , but I won’t be serving them in a bun. I’ll serve them alongside a lentil salad.

Wednesday:Tuna puttanesca ( with kalamata olives and red pepper flakes, will use anchovy paste though instead of whole anchovies)

Thursday: Wasabi salmon served with rice and steamed veggies

Friday: Lunch out

Saturday: Simple grilled chicken with oven fries and a green salad.

Sunday: You’re on your own! I’ll be up in the air. Fingers crossed the trip will be easy. It’s the first time I travel alone with my baby girl without my husband.

How do you keep your greens fresh all week? and what will you be cooking this week?

Linking as usual to Menu Plan Monday at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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