Coke does it again!

Coke has done it again! or shall I say, way to Come Together Coke! Good you waited a few months!

After the public has seen through Coca-Cola’s intentions behind the Coming Together ad campaign that was launched a few months ago, they are back doing what they do best. Because let’s face it, their attempt to join hands in fighting America’s obesity problem was a joke to say the least.

sugary ssoft drink

And what does coke (and junk-selling industries in general) do best?

Targeting teens so they become hooked for life and pushing their drinks onto kids so that they become adult “heavy users”.

And their latest? A new campaign titled “The Ahh effect”. It is aimed at teens with interactive games  they can play over their phones with 64 URLs to unlock starting from to and adding an H as they go. They will be running ads on twitter and Facebook as well asking teens to submit their Coke experiences. And guess where else they will be promoting the “Ahh effect”? On their 16 and 20-oz bottles of course!

You will say, Coke is not alone and of course it isn’t. In fact, this comes after a whole day discussing McDonald’s and how they were fined in Brazil for pushing happy meals onto kids by luring them with toys. If you are against marketing junk to kids, you might want to sign this letter to McDonald’s CEO to let him know you are against their marketing tactic. Again, McDonald’s are not alone but it is a start.

So yes Coke strikes again! I just wish broccoli farmers have the dollars to come up with such engaging campaigns! Cause heck, if I were a teen, I would want the Ahh effect!

Coke: 1 – Kids’ Health: 0 !

Parents beware!


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7 thoughts on “Coke does it again!

    • Sadly, yes! the latest report shows that while McDonald’s sales slightly decreased in the US, it has increased in other parts of the world especially the Arab Gulf and North African region. And you can see the rates of obesity greatly increasing in these countries especially among kids and teens. It’s the whole lifestyle that’s changed. The kids are becoming even more sedentary, and with the introduction of all these unhealthy choices that are so easily accessible and marketed as nutritious, parents must be extra careful

      • Yes, I do because I’ve seen it already! What’s with using food as reward anyway? whether McDonald’s or something else, food should not be a reward. Cake should not be a reward for eating broccoli, and a lollipop should not be a reward for behaving well at the doctor’s office… and the list goes on. I just hope parents will become more aware of this and try to applaud their kids’ good behaviors with praise, affection, and physical activity maybe! By the end of the day, all a kid ever wants is his parent’s attention and love.

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