Follow and Chat

Weird title, right?
Well, it’s just one of those posts where I talk about a few things going on the blog.

follow-me-lets-chat (1)

What is that “Chat with me on Wizpert” button on the right sidebar?

Wizpert is a platform for everyday advice that connects people with experts on a variety of topics, from nutrition to fitness, health, business and even computer programming. All you need is a Skype account and then you choose the expert who is available and the one who you feel can answer your questions and chat. By the end of the session, you are asked to rate your experience. It is free for now, but if you thought the advice was useful, you can pay a sum of money that will go to the expert with a small percentage going to the Wizpert team.

So friends, any question you have for me, you can ask via Wizpert. I will be online every day, except Thursdays and Fridays, from 10:am to 11:00 a.m (KSA and Beirut time; GMT+3) and some days during the afternoon when my baby girl naps or at night after she goes to bed. But since I do not have a fixed “me-time” schedule, whenever you wanted to talk and I’m not online, I would suggest dropping me a quick e-mail and we can schedule the closest call.  Of course, my e-mail, Facebook page and twitter are all also available (any time of day) for any question, but sometimes only one-to-one direct conversations seem the right way to go.

And what about Bloglovin’?

If you read a lot of blogs, you might have used Google reader but since it will no longer exist after June 3013, the alternatives are plenty and most people have already switched to one tool or the other. I am using bloglovin’. I find it to be very user-friendly, both the desktop version and the smartphone app. So, if you want an easy way to see all the updates from your best blogs without having to check back every day, this is one way to do it. Just click on the button on the right sidebar and that’s it! You’ll be following Health’n’Horizons and making sure you won’t be missing a thing!! Again, the quick e-mail signup remains another option!

Follow me and Let’s chat!

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