Running in Beirut

Running a marathon is on my bucket list. Sorry, let me rephrase that. Running a 5K before I turn thirty is on my bucket list. You see, I’m no runner. I can barely sprint to save my life. Ask anyone in my high school class; they’ll testify to that. In fact, I was the nerd skipping gym class to go to the library instead. But that has changed since. In college, I started enjoying gym classes from BodyPump™ to Aerobics and Tae Bo… and I did the occasional weight lifting session but the treadmill was not my friend. Don’t get me wrong, I still hopped on it every now and then, but every time I did, I found myself demotivated and wanted to skip gym the rest of the week. It’s something about walking/running indoors that I could not bring myself to like and stay committed to.

So for my physical activity I stayed with walking outdoors, swimming, Tae Bo, Pilates and then I got hooked on yoga. But that’s a different story, probably for another day.

So before I turn thirty, I’m running a 5K. And then maybe a 10K and who knows…

beirut women 10k challenge

Two days ago while reading Cynthia’s blog, I found out about the 5K/10K women only challenge in Beirut on May 26. It is organized by the Beirut Marathon Association with the slogan “3anjadd awiyeh” meaning “really strong” in Arabic. Their message is all about empowering women through sports, mainly running.

I didn’t think twice about it. Great cause. Perfect timing.

Not to mention that their campaign is amazing! Super motivating to put on those running shoes. In addition to that, they are challenging the men to upload their best pictures on Facebook or on Instagram using the #pinkpeace hashtag to show their support for the women in their lives.

I’m starting training on Thursday. I’m going to use Runmeter, an iPhone application for tracking my progress. They have the 5K training program in ten weeks, but I guess I’ll be OK with just eight weeks to go.

So for all of you professional runners, what’s your number one advice for me?

And to all my friends in Lebanon, are you in?

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