Sunday Roundup – March 3

The past week has been bubbling with even more news, science and exposés on junk food and it happened to be the National Eating Disorders Awareness week (United States, #NEDAwareness), so it was only fitting for the Sunday Roundup to discuss both.

Opening Pandora’s Lunchbox: Processed foods are even scarier than you thought

The main story in last week’s roundup was Michael Moss’s article (excerpt from his book) on the Addictive Science of Junk Food. Pandora’s Lunchbox, a book written by Melanie Warner also exposes the world of processed foods and how several ingredients are actually made. From soybean oil to artificial dyes and supplements, Warner discusses it all. What can we learn from both books? Eating real food that doesn’t require lists and lists of ingredients should be the basis of one’s diet.

“Could I make a Pop-Tart at home, with all those same ingredients listed on the package? How would you even go about procuring distilled monoglycerides and BHT, for instance?” Melanie Warner to Andy Bellatti, as quoted in grist

Eating Junk Food While Pregnant May Make Your Child a Junk Food Addict

We are all aware of  the importance of eating healthy during pregnancy to provide the fetus with the essential nutrients required for its optimal growth. But now a new study reveals that eating junk while pregnant makes babies less sensitive to opioids that are released in the brain upon consumption of high-fat, high-sugar foods. In simpler terms, the child will need to have more of the junk food (high fat, high sugar) later in life to feel satisfied.

 “This study shows that addiction to junk food is true addiction.” Weismann, M.D. as quoted in ScienceDaily

Sweet Nothings, Bitter Truth

This article is Dr. David Katz’ reply to Mark Bittman’s New York Times article “It’s the sugar, folks”! I’ll leave you to read both and the study they are referring to. The study published in PloS One correlates sugar and diabetes and shows that the countries consuming more sugar are the countries with the higher rates of diabetes. ” Is sugar the only culprit? I won’t say so but it’s always a better idea to consume less sugar.


“The reality, alas, is that the state of our health is not about any one thing. We can cut fat, and get fatter and sicker- by eating more starchy, sugary junk. We can cut carbs by switching from beans to baloney, and get fatter and sicker. And we can cut sugar and consume ever more artificially sweetened, starchy, fatty junk- and get fatter and sicker.” Dr. David Katz

Anorexics Weigh In on ‘Thinspo’ Internet Sites

On the other end of the scope, eating disorders are also on the rise, affecting women, men and even kindergarteners. “Thinspiration” , or “thinspo”, is the term used on the web to encourage women to stay thin or get thinner through distorted messages and images. Vulnerable girls with body image issues will find the ideas publicized on these sites as the answer to all their problems. The National Eating Disorder Association during NEDAwareness Week (Feb, 28- Mar 2) has for aim to increase education on eating disorders to allow for early intervention. From anorexia to bulimia to eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS), everybody needs help.

The War on Women's Bodies- Infographic courtesy

The War on Women’s Bodies- Infographic courtesy

“We need to offer a safe, supportive environment that promotes recovery and helps them disengage from an unhealthy mindset.” Claire Mysko from, NEDA’s online community to Liz Neporent as quoted in abcNEWS.

An important study on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet made headlines this week as well, but I haven’t discussed it in today’s roundup as I have written a separate post on the topic. Stay tuned on Tuesday!


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