I’m Back!

Remember me? The not-so-active blogger who has been away all summer (and part of fall) long? Well, finally, I’m back and oh how good it is to be back!! I haven’t intended to be away this long but between vacationing with the family, attending yoga workshops, nutrition seminars and most importantly the birth of my daughter Gia, time just flew!

A few moments after she was born – June 24th, 2012

After a bath, 3 weeks old

That smiley chubby face :)

Today’s post is just sharing a few pictures of the sweetest baby girl who has turned our lives upside down. I haven’t resumed work outside the house yet and I thought that being a stay-at-home mom will give me ample time to blog. But oh how mistaken was I! If writing in between feeds, diaper changes, and naps isn’t inefficient enough; try remembering what you were going to write about in the first place!! Lack of sleep, anyone? Welcome to parenthood!

Afternoon walk with mommy. Note the massive sunglasses covering squinty, dark-circled eyes ;)

Enjoying a good read ;)

Luckily though we are settling into some kind of schedule that is starting to work out for us. So expect more articles, recipes and insights. Plus, I am giving the blog a facelift! It’s been a while now that I want to change things around but to no avail for all the above reasons and more. Here’s a secret: I’m indecisive! There, I said it! So, I need your help!! What would you like to see more of on the blog? What would you like to see less of? What kind of design/layout/color… will appeal more to you? What improvements can I make in general? I am working on a new theme and logo and I hope with your feedback and support Health’ n’ Horizons will continue to grow. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I really appreciate your honest comments and replies and can’t wait to hear from you :)

One last thing if I may, let’s connect! If you haven’t liked my Facebook page already, please do and share yours over there if you have one! And let’s connect over Twitter as well!

9 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Lol…I understand the lack of time/having a functioning brain. Eventually though you’ll get inspired and be blogging like crazy again :) Congrats on the cutie!

  2. So good to have you back! I know exactly what you are talking about I haven’t blogged in forever…but Gia is such a sweetheart mashalla adorable little baby girl!

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