The Versatile Blogger Award

As a new blogger, I can’t hide from you how surprised, honored and excited I was when I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Miranti from The High Heel Gourmet. Miranti shares her love for travel, cooking and photography with wonderful pictures, reviews and great recipes that I am sure you will all enjoy as much as I do. Thank you Miranti!

So for accepting the award I must pass the love to fifteen bloggers and their great deserving blogs. As I was not so blog-active lately, I’m starting with a few and will add the rest soon.

Cynthia @ Strawberry Blu
Pami & Jecca @ Omnomalicious
Sarah @ Gazing In
Then I must share seven random facts about me. So here you go!
1. I love Latin music and beats, that was my incentive behind taking Spanish classes.
2. My yoga mat has been the birthplace of some of my best ideas. It seems that physically conquering a difficult pose gives you the spark to dare and try something new in life.
3. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I went into the field thinking I would earn a good pay. After three years behind a computer with minimal human contact, I was more than ever convinced that it was not the thing for me and I was fortunate enough to quit and start all over again in the Nutrition and Dietetics field.
4. I love to travel; I love to try new foods as prepared by the locals and try to avoid typical tourist traps. I hope Spain is my next destination! Just to practice my Spanish ;) .
5. I used to hate aimless shopping. Whenever I needed something, I went and shopped for that particular item. But that has changed once I found out I was expecting a baby girl. Aren’t baby girls’ clothes the cutest thing ever??
6. I believe in the law of attraction. My nutrition career, my yoga teaching and this blog are all proof of that.
7. Cooking school is number one on my bucket list.
Again, thank you Miranti and congratulations to all blogger friends! And please excuse my absence from the blog; so many preparations, so little time left before welcoming our first cutie pie to this world :) .

7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Christele a huge thank you for this!
    I love everything you have written about yourself, so much more to do so best of luck for you!!

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