The Best Kind of Detox

My camera is already broken. Now, my laptop is failing me and needs to go to repair for a couple of days. As a blogger, this is the worst kind of nightmare. As a yogi and mom-to-be, it’s a blessing in disguise.

As my technology buddies are giving up on me, I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine! So for two days, I’m turning off my phone, my iPod, my iPad, and the TV. So, no facebooking, no tweeting, no pinning, no texting and most importantly no blogging or checking anxiously my site stats (all new bloggers, you know what I’m talking about!) By the way, did you notice the verbs in that sentence?

I don’t mind the TV that much these days, but I am guessing not checking my email and all social networks wouldn’t be as easy. So wouldn’t be doing yoga or exercising without my playlists. But I am giving this technology detox a try.

Now you might be wondering why I called this post “The best kind of detox”. Well, it’s just because I am not a believer in nutritional detox and cleanses in general, unless you mean cleaning up your diet from processed foods and artificial ingredients and including more natural and nutrient-rich foods. However, I’d be concerned if your idea of cleanse is more into consuming extremely low-calorie shakes, soups or juices for an extended period of time in the purpose of losing weight. I will discuss the myths and truths behind detox diets in detail in a future post. For now, I am ready to enjoy a tech-free weekend and will leave you with a few pictures from some resorts around the world that will be ideal for a truly unplugged vacation if you ever plan on having one.

Sukantara Cascade Chiang Mai Thailand

Bora Bora

Karma Kandar Resort Bali