Join the Fitness Party with Zumba

Zumba, one of the most popular workouts in the United States, wants your workout to party! With Zumba gaining more popularity worldwide, I was curious and wanted to check if it was worth the hype. Let me start by saying, it definitely is! Even though Zumba can be practiced safely during pregnancy, I didn’t want to get carried away with any moves especially that I haven’t tried it before. And believe me you’ll get carried away! I was just sitting there in one of the classes but couldn’t help but move to the Latin and international beats. I could feel all the energy, all the heat circulating in the studio and I wished I could be part of it. Instead of counting repetitions, everybody, young and old(er) was moving to the music with Petra Abinader, the instructor who was leading the way with Latin-inspired dance moves encouraging everyone with her upbeat personality to join the fitness-party! I had a lovely chat with Petra a few days later to know more about Zumba and the other fitness classes she offers at her studio.

Petra Abinader

1- What is Zumba? How long has it been practiced?

Zumba was created by Beto Perez in 2001 by mistake. He was going to teach an aerobics class but had forgotten his regular music so he improvised with the Latin songs he had on hand and Zumba was born! It is a workout based on international dance moves and music. “Ditch the workout, join the party” is Zumba’s slogan. Going to a Zumba class should not feel like a workout.

2- Who can practice Zumba?

Anybody of any age and gender can practice Zumba, even pregnant ladies after their doctor’s consent. You can practice whether you have worked out before or not, whether you are a professional dancer or haven’t danced in your life before.

3- What is your training background? What other courses do you teach?

I am a fitness specialist and have studied in Las Vegas for 10 years. My background includes pilates, TRX ( suspension training), yoga, body sculpt, Zumba and Zumba toning with weights. I just moved back to Lebanon and opened my own studio, Fusion Fitness where I give classes in Zumba and yoga. The yoga I teach is expressive yoga which I like to call Fusion yoga as it is a combination of yoga, stretching and pilates. I also give private pilates sessions upon appointment.

4- What results can one see after practicing Zumba?

If you want to lose weight, you are going to because it’s a tremendous workout. You burn over 500 calories in 1 hour. If you want to tone, you are going to get that too and if you want to have fun, you’re going to have that as well. It’s the three benefits all at once. Whatever your goal is, you are going to achieve it.

Petra with Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba, in Miami

5- What are your recommendations for a pre- and post- workout?

I recommend a small snack before the workout, and to eat a snack or meal with protein within 40 minutes afterwards.

6- Is there anything else you would like to add?

Join me at Fusion Fitness for a Rock’n body. Rock Hard Body! You’ll get a free first session to try Zumba; just say you heard about us on Health’n’Horizons!

Fusion Fitness: Sarba- Kaslik- Centre Geagea / Ms. Petra Abinader 76-141941  The classes schedule is as follows

Monday Wednesday Friday
9am-   10am Zumba
7pm-8-pm Zumba Zumba Fusion   Yoga
8pm-9pm Zumba Zumba Zumba

Morning classes are available upon request. Private training is available by appointment only.

Zumba is a great way to get a cardio workout, burn calories and relieve stress. The basic dance moves based on Salsa and Merengue among others make it easy for anyone to follow. Even if you do not get a move right, you are still moving and having fun.

If you have tried Zumba before, I am guessing you are already hooked. If not, why don’t you join the fitness party? I know I will!

A song that will put you in the mood for some Zumba!

7 thoughts on “Join the Fitness Party with Zumba

  1. I’ve never tried Zumba, but your glowing review of it makes me want to try it. I’ve been doing the Barre (sometimes called Bar) Method lately, but am looking for something a little more high energy. Maybe I’ll give it a try. There are times when I need something a little less cerebral than yoga. I love your blog. I too try to ‘healthify’ everything I cook.

    • Thank you Jen for your words :). I, too, practice yoga practically every day and feel I need an intense cardio workout 2-3x a week. I used to practice TaeBo and I love it but it wasn’t the same once I had no classes nearby and had to resort to a DVD. Zumba is really fun and works out all your muscles. Now, you got me intrigued about the Barre method, I haven’t heard of it before. Need to check it out and try it.
      Love ur blog as well, am definitely following:)

  2. Zumba fanatic here! I go weekly (most weeks) with my bestie on Sunday Morning and we get into our dancing frenzy! I’m in it for the fun (and wish I were that dedicated) every other day of the week tho. Love the African, Latin American, hip hop, samba anything. Very inspired by how people can commit to fitness and health every day (and) still enjoy a great balance in life. :)

    • Great!! It’s so easy to get addicted to the beats in a Zumba class:)
      Committing to anything in life just needs a bit of motivation and a lot of discipline. For me, when it comes to fitness and health it’s also important as well to give yourself a break:)
      Thank you for stopping by and btw I loved your blog!

      Stay healthy :)

  3. I had always been a fan of Zumba, I liked the idea of it as it seems fun as well as being a great way of exercising and also great for coordination. It was only till last week when I joined a class and now I see why it is so addictive, it is such great fun and the people are just mad. Couldn’t praise Zumba any more really.

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