Getting fit for the new year

Does your New Year resolution involve going to the gym and staying fit? Here are some tips to ensure you stick to your plan all year long.

1. Set reasonable goals. It’s nice to aim for a 2-hour cardio daily, but let’s get real. If you haven’t stepped in a gym this past year, you’ll find this goal hard to achieve and you are more likely to come with excuses and your resolution will be over before it has even begun. So set logical goals. Start with a 30-minute walk three times per week, then as your fitness level increases, move on to a jog then to a run till you are exercising five times per week.

2. Jot down your motivation and keep it at eyesight. Write down the reason why you want to get fit or lose weight. Is it so you go up the stairs without losing your breath? wanting to run and play around with your kids? wanting to be healthy and avoiding obesity-related diseases? or just wanting to look good and feel good? Whatever it is that motivates you, write it down and keep it where you can see it. The fridge or your computer screen are good places to post it.

3. Don’t go on a guilt ride if you fall off the wagon. Say you missed a workout for whatever reason, don’t feel guilty and stop working out altogether. Just remind yourself of your goals and go back to your routine as soon as possible. 

4. Buddy up. Studies have shown that having a support group really helps when it comes to weight loss and exercise. You are more likely to show up at the gym or the tennis court if you have someone waiting for you there and counting on you. You can also make use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to post your plans and progress. You can even blog about it. Many bloggers started out by journaling their diet or fitness plans.

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