A trip to the local health food store

Good evening everyone!

Just came back home but couldn’t wait for tomorrow to post! I feel like a kid in an amusement park :). If you get easily excited in a food store like me then you would probably have loved a trip to Abazeer or your local organic health food store if you’re not in Jeddah.

In the shopping cart, I had quinoa, quinoa flakes, millet, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds , some organic fruits and vegetables, a whole wheat seeded loaf of bread, kudzu ( a thickener made from the Japanese tuber of the same name – will use instead of cornstarch or the high-fat roux made of butter and flour) and two products I haven’t seen here before and can’t wait to give them a try in a recipe. They are “rice cream” and “oat cream”!! They can be used instead of regular milk cream in recipes. They are 100% of vegetable source, lactose free, hydrogenated fat-free, and GMO free. The rice cream is also gluten-free. How cool is that? Let’s just hope the taste is as good as the health claim! The verdict will come out this week after a few test runs in the kitchen:).

However, while I was there, I tasted the “soy labneh” (strained yogurt). To tell you the truth, I didn’t appreciate the taste much. It was creamy but with a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. Let me not stop you from trying it, maybe it’s an acquired taste. If you had already tasted it, what did you think of it?

For all of you going to work tomorrow, have a fruitful week; and for those of you who already started the weekend, enjoy it!!

7 thoughts on “A trip to the local health food store

    • hello and sorry for my late reply. i usually shop at abazeer in almousa3idyyeh on Madinah Road. They have organically grown vegetables and fruits, in addition to beans and legumes that are also organic. You can also find European and International brands of milk and cream substitutes, and gluten-free cereals… You can also check the diet/health section in all Danube supermarkets. You won’t find organic veg/fruits but you will find healthier cereals and snacks and some of Abazeer’s products. Make sure however to read the label on any item. Check the calories, fat, sugar and fiber per serving. Read also the ingredient list to check for any saturated or trans fats. Stay posted for an article on what to look for when checking out labels and what items to buy organic:) hope this helps!

  1. Hi and thank you for this wonderful site. I am currently living in Dubai and will be moving shortly to Jeddah. I was wandering whether I can find extra virgin coconut oil at Abazeer, as well as organic brown rice.
    Do they also sell probiotics? which brand and how many billions? I currently use the brand, renew life, 50 billion in each capsule. It has helped me tremendously.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello Sandra and thank you for your comment! I am currently on maternity leave in Lebanon but I have contacted Abazeer and they do have their own fresh extra virgin coconut oil as well as organic brown rice (they have most organic grains as well). However, they don’t sell probiotics but as they told me I guess you can find them at GNC or in some pharmacies in Jeddah. Good luck and welcome to Jeddah :)

    • Hi Junee, I do not think so but you can call them and check ( 00966 53 330 0052). Have you checked the organic/ diet section in Danube or Manuel Hypermarkets? They carry a wide range of oils and maybe you can find it there. Good luck :)

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