Blog Action Day (#BAD11) – Lack or Unavailability?

Today is Blog Action Day (#BAD11) , a day where thousands of
bloggers share their insights and ideas on one topic. This year since it
coincides with World Food Day, it is only fit to talk about food. Food or the lack unavailability of it for that matter.

Food is being wasted more than ever before, filling up landfills
and raising the ecological bill. According to the FAO’s, Global Food
Losses and Food Waste document published in May,2011 , around one-third of the world’s food (approximately 1.3 billion tonnes) is being wasted. What’s more surprising is that industrialized and developing countries waste approximately the same quantities of food. Food losses in developing countries, however, occur mainly at the production, harvest and post-harvest stages because of poor infrastructure and low levels of technology; whereas, in industrialized countries, the waste is occurring at the household and retailer level where perfectly edible food is being thrown away just because it doesn’t fit certain standards. Here’s another heartbreaking statistic from the report: “Every year, consumers in rich countries waste almost as much food (222 million tonnes) as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tonnes).”


As a kid, I remember whenever we had some leftovers on our plates;
mom would just urge us to finish up everything. Her reason: there are children in poorer nations who are starving. And she was right, but what did we do about it? We finished up our plates and we donated to charities every now and then. It was not until I was in Nutrition school that I became aware of the effect of “Finish up your Plate! ” mentality on me and on every child who has ever heard it. As we were growing with unhealthy food relations, neglecting our satiety signals and maybe dying from obesity-related diseases, children elsewhere were malnourished, wondering what satiety feels like and dying from hunger.

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Not until the whole world joins hands to empower the poor will the
vicious cycle of poverty and hunger come to an end. Where governments and nations are failing for whatever reasons (political and economical of course), these are few things that we can do as individuals:

–       Get educated on the subject : World Food Programme  , One International
–       Sign petitions  that can urge world leaders to take action: Hungry no more 1 Billion Hungry

–       Donate: Action Against Hunger , UNICEF ,   World Food Programme

–       Buy local, seasonal food as much as you can and use
food leftovers  to create new dishes:  Love Food Hate Waste 

The following is One International ‘s campaign video with slogan: “Drought is an act of nature, famine is man-made”. Together we can make a difference.

Happy Blog Action Day! Happy World Food Day!

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