Dressing up your kitchen for healthy cooking

The other day while I was preparing a salad, my husband questioned my use of a spoon to measure the olive oil. He was wondering if after all the cooking I do I still can’t estimate a drizzle of oil. Well, sure I can but sometimes a bottle can deliver more than its share of oil so I’d like to be careful! This got me into thinking about this blog and the things that are indispensable in a healthy kitchen whether your aim is losing weight or maintaining a healthy body.

1. Measuring cups and spoons

They don’t just make life easier while following recipes that include  1/8 th of a teaspoon (actually a pinch) of some sort of ingredient, but they can actually help you lose weight! People tend to underestimate their portion sizes. It’s a fact and has been documented in several studies. Underestimating portions leads to underestimating calories and the packing of unwanted pounds. A half cup of morning cereal can quickly turn into 2 to 3 times more the amount if poured directly into the bowl.

2. Microplane Grater

This is a micro plane grater.

Microplane Grater

Microplane graters are the chef’s way to infuse flavors without much of a fuss and fat. Add some lemon zest over baked fish or chicken, grate a little bit of unpeeled ginger and garlic over a stir fry, and a little bit of nutmeg over some steamed spinach.

3. Herb and spice rack

Herbs and spices are healthy, inexpensive, and an easy way of adding some flavor to dishes without the use of butter, oils and too much salt. Use oregano, basil, thyme and red pepper flakes for Mediterranean flavors; coriander and cumin for Mexican, turmeric, fennel, and mustard seeds for Indian.

4. Non-stick pan or skillet

Spray a little bit of oil to cook your meats, poultry and fish. I use a non-stick skillet to cook slices of zucchini and eggplant without any oil at all. I sometimes cook diced onions, carrots and celery with a splash of water and omit the oil altogether! You just have to watch it though and stir every now and then.

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